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Feb 12, 2013 1:00pm EST
compare the two then we prove to the debt limit, debt ceiling deadline of may 19. the time, ladies and gentlemen, where we if we can work together, if we can work together as a -- as the representatives of the people of this great country, come together and find the solutions that will get us on the pro-growth path. because you can't balance the budget solely on raising taxes you can't budget the balance -- balance the budget solely on spend regular duckses. you have to get the economy rolling again. for us that means appropriate tax reform, saving, strengthening, and securing medicare, medicaid, an social security, programs on a path to bankruptcy. it means adopting a sane energy policy to make it so we're energy independent, we don't have to continue to send money overseas, over and over and over. and also it means recognizing that we are a red tape regulation nation right now that is destroying the ability for small and large businesses to create jobs. pro growth policies are what will actually get us out of the doll drum wers in right now. finally, let me leave you with a challenge
Feb 9, 2013 2:15pm EST
. it's been on debt ceilings, budgets, deadlines and negotiations. all of this is extremely important because i don't think there's any substitute for getting our fiscal house in order. there's no greater moral imperative than to reduce the mountain of debt that's facing us, our children and theirs. and our house republican majority stands ready for the president and his party to join us in actually tackling the big problems facing this country. but today i'd like to focus really on what lies beyond the fiscal debate. over the next two years, our house majority will pursue an agenda that is based on a shared vision of creating the conditions of health, happiness and prosperity for more americans and their families. and to restrain washington from interfering in those pursuits. we'll advance proposals aimed at producing results in areas like education, health care, innovation and job growth. our solutions will be based on the conservative presence of self-reliance, faith in the individual, trust in family and accountability in government. our goal is to ensure that every american has a
Feb 5, 2013 1:00pm EST
the debt ceiling so you can't write a budget if there are individuals in the congress that won't do the normal business which is to raise the debt ceiling so that the american people can be taken care of? as we speak, however, the president has introduced today a short-term fix to avert the sequester. the democrats have offered a way of avoiding the sequester. we have nothing from the republicans except a resolution that says a request for a plan. the very plan that the president knows by law he's going to submit as long as he knows what is the amount of money we have to work on and of course the budgeting process is going through the house, the chairman of the budget, mr. ryan, the ranking member of the budget, mr. van hollen. we all know the regular order. we are going to do our work. but putting us on the floor today and ignoring what we should be doing, i'm saddened that my amendment that indicated i wanted to make sure that the most vull vulnerable in any budget, -- vulnerable in any budget, 21% of our nation's children, i wanted to have a sense of congress that whatever we did
Feb 4, 2013 7:00am EST
been a disaster today in raising the debt ceiling. if republicans had gone into this issue and said they would not raise the debt ceiling unless they got cuts, there would have lost that the raid at the end. big loss that debate. john boehner and paul rand did a great job together. you cannot govern from that office, you but you have to be very careful about high-profile last-minute negotiations. i've worked in the white house and three administrations. the president has a tremendous institutional advantage in these kinds of fights. what republicans have to do is avoid these fights, the straps that they are laying. provide an alternative through passing legislation, just to show this is how they would govern if they had the powers of the presidency and the senate. and be careful. there are some rough edges. host: some are not strategy as far as moving the debt ceiling ahead. guest: if they had gone ahead with it, it would have been politically cataclysmic. it was the worst percival -- worst possible ground to make their point. president obama 1. i think it's absolutely crucial for t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4